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GreatWealth.com exists to make you a more savvy investor.

The objective is to:

  • Raise your return.
  • Reduce your risk.
  • Cut your cost.


About Rodney Schulz

Rodney Schulz is the guiding influence behind www.GreatWealth.com.

In short, Schulz:

  • Has over 30 years of investment experience with a key focus on the risk/return tradeoff.
  • Has served as the Financial Director/CFO for an organization with 150  employees in six states. In this position Schulz served on the organization’s  endowment fund investment committee, whose other members included a  past Vice Chairman of Chevron and a former president of GNC, the nationwide vitamin and health food chain.
  • Is the founder of Schulz Financial, a growing retail financial advisory  company focusing on mid to high net worth investors. He started Schulz  Financial in 2003
  • Is an internationally published author and a globally recognized instructor  in the area of economics and uncertainty.
  • Has an MBA from Duke University and a BS in petroleum engineering from  the University of Kansas.

Learn from a professional who’s more of a teacher than a salesman.

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