Retirement Age (Forecast) Calculator

Review the Calculator Caution page before proceeding ahead with the calculator below.

This calculator tells you the age you will be able to retire given your current savings, monthly savings, return on investment and amount needed to retire. To calculate this amount:

  • Enter your age
  • Enter your current investment savings
  • Enter your monthly investment
  • Enter the annual Return on Investment (ROI) you hope to earn
  • Enter your Retirement Goal
  • Click on the “Calc” button to make the calculations that are displayed in the bottom half of the box
  • Click on the “Schedule” button to see the calculated future financial schedule
  • Click on the “Charts” button to see a graphical illustration of the calculations

The book, Great Minds. Great Wealth. Great for Your 401k. can help determine a reasonable range of ROIs and strategies to get the best possible ROI per unit of risk and unit of cost.  The book also helps with how much you can reasonably expect to harvest from your nest egg after you retire.

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