Schulz Financial

In Business Since 2003

Rodney Schulz started Schulz Financial in 2003.

Today, after growing an average of 28 percent per year since 2006, Schulz Financial now manages over $20 million.

Schulz Financial

In spite of the 2008-09 financial crisis and two market corrections between August 2015 and August 2016, Schulz Financial has grown an average of 28% per year. Schulz Financial has achieved this through scientifically sound portfolios and strong customer service. Rod knows each investor: their risk tolerance; their time horizon; their financial positions; and their investing objectives.

How We Work for you

Completely Independent

Schulz Financial is completely independent; no one and no organization or corporation pays Schulz Financial other than its clients.  Thus, Schulz Financial clients can rest assured that they obtain completely objective advice.

Low Cost Products with a Better Return per Unit of Risk

Generally, the products Schulz Financial recommends have an annual cost that’s approximately 1 percent per year LESS than what he/she (an investor?) would typically purchase if they completely self-managed their accounts through a “discount” broker like Fidelity or Schwab. Hence, Schulz Financial clients get the benefit of professional management without paying more than a typical who goes to a discount brokerage firm. Further, clients typically end up with a portfolio that has a superior return to that from a discount brokerage house, and far better return with all costs included, than one gets through a full service, commission based brokerage firm like Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan or Edward Jones.

Client Assets Reside at TDAmeritrade

Clients assets managed by Schulz Financial reside at the institutional division of TDAmeritrade, a major investment firm that started in 1983, serves over 6.6 million customers, and holds over $650 billion in client assets.  This gives Schulz Financial clients the best of both worlds:  Personal, expert, unbiased advice while still having the security and “back-office” services of a major firm.

Although the client can’t go to TDAmeritrade at any time on their own, Schulz Financial typically takes care of all communications with TDAmeritrade as well as the transactions. However, client statements come directly from TDAmeritrade and TDAmeritrade provides the Internet platform for clients to log in and see their balances, transactions, statements, etc.

Funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors

Schulz Financial has access to over 13,000 investments through TDAmeritrade.  However, products from Dimensional Fund Advisors repeatedly rank at the top of the list for his performance per unit of risk while being low cost.  Further, only a limited number of advisors have access to the full slate of funds available from Dimensional. But again, Schulz Financial is completely independent and receives no remuneration or any other benefit from anyone but its clients.  Based out of Austin, Texas and in business since 1973, Dimensional is one of the 50 largest money management firms in the world with over $350 billion under management.

Fee Only

Schulz Financial does not charge ANY commission on anything it sells.  Further, there is no minimum time one’s investment has to reside at Schulz Financial/TDAmeritrade and there are not “early” back-out fees.  Schulz Financial charges its clients an easy 0.25 percent per quarter, based on the balance on the last day of the calendar quarter, and a discounted rate may apply for those with a balance of $1 million or more.  Fees generally cap out: i.e., reach a maximum, at approximately the $20,000 per year mark, or a client balance of somewhere between the $2 million and $3 million mark of assets under management.

Minimum Investment

Although Schulz Financial will flex for clients who are direct referrals from existing clients, Schulz Financial generally has a minimum asset investment level of $100,000. by limiting his clients, Rod can know every client, spend quality time with them and better help the client achieve their personal financial goals.

401k Services

In select situations, Schulz Financial offers 401k management services.  In this case, the “back-office,” regulatory and client service is provided through DST, the second largest 401k provider in the United States.  However, Rod still spends quality time with the company’s employees through periodic lunches that Schulz Financial provides.  The goal of Schulz Financial’s 401k service is to offer such a great 401k plan that it gives the employer a competitive advantage by helping his employees better reach their personal financial goals.

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